Mixed and Mastered by Antoine Dermaut.

Zuul Fx would like to say hello and special thanks to :

all Zuul Fx fans, all bands, all technicians and all team we’ve met on this adventure. (Nicolas Papazoglo, her wife and his team, Laurent Santucci and his family, Benoit Lamouche, his family and team…).

Steeve Zuul would like to say a special thanks to : my family, my session musicians, my team on these gigs.

Session musicians :

Adam Phillips – Guitar. (Pro Pain)
Jonas Sanders – Drums. (Pro Pain)
Ben Miranda – Bass
Stoblaz – Electronic – Fuking Stuff!

Team ( technicians) :

Ant1 – Sound engineer
Nickolas Guihal – Cameraman / Photograph.
Isis Bonfanti – Camerawoman.
Steeve Petit – Director + Video Editing + SFX + image calibration.

and my son, my wife and all my family in love!