ZUUL FX – BLOOD “Human Your Time Has Come”. (Metal Variation)

ZUUL FX – BLOOD (Human your time has come) METAL VARIATION are :

Music video directed and produced by :
Steeve Petit « Zuul ».
Steeve Petit « Zuul ».
All instruments by : Steeve Petit « Zuul ».

Lyrics & Vocals : Steeve Petit « Zuul ».
Music : Steeve Petit « Zuul ».
Produced by Steeve Petit & Antoine Dermaut.
Mixed by : Antoine Dermaut.
Samples & Keyboards by : Stoblaz.
Mastering by : Jeff Dunne.

Additionnal musicians on this track:
Guitars & Bass by : Adam Phillip.
Guitar Solo : Benoit Soares Antonio.
Drums : Jonas Sanders

COVER ART : By Stoblaz

LYRICS : “BLOOD” – (Human Your Time has Come) METAL VARIATION.


Evolution!… Are we destined down this path?
We are going to crash
Human your time has come

Destruction! …Are we destined to this shit?
We are all going to die
Human… your time has come

L’humanité ce mélange au milieu des larmes,
Pleurant sur les pierres du chaos jadis…
implorant sans cesse le pardon du divin du vice…
Qui perché loin dans les cieux
observe son art d’un air glorieux…

Injection!… Are we destined down this path?
We’ll never be your slave!!!
Human… your time has come

Mutilation!… What else are we destined for?
it’s beyond our control
Human… your time has come

If those negative trends… are not reversed
We run towards destruction
Destruction will ruin the earth
But What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me???
What do you want from me??????

Here is in our veins
Don’t you ever see our real face
it is in fact again
Our body’s here, our mind ‘ll be erased

It is written in our DNA
the trend line’s going the wrong way

Now it’s seems like a mistake
The face of mankind is at stake.

Thanks to : – Ant1 Family – Stoblaz Family – Steeve Family and all the Zuul Fx team for their support and devotion.
A big thank you to all our collaborators and especially to our fans who were willing to follow us in this crazy adventure
totally independent in our transhumanist universe “H+” for a ZUUL FX 2.0 .